About Us

Greenqubes Pte Ltd is incorporated in 2010, aiming to provide a one-stop solution to all your printing needs. By employing the latest technology in printing, we are able to achieve the highest quality possible in our prints.

We are constantly striving to deliver excellence through constant upgrading of ourselves to meet the needs of the ever-changing and ever-evolving advertising industry. By tapping into our extensive and rich experience in this industry, coupled with a desire to exceed the expectations of our clients and industry quality standards, we are constantly pushing ourselves to deliver the best.


Quality is our top priority. We look into every single detail that goes into every single printing project that we undertake to ensure that we deliver the best results and that our customers are left satisfied. From the design stage to the finishing stage, great care is taken by our team who have a consummate eye for detail.


Trust is the foundation of every business relationship. By delivering quality services, we hope to establish trust within our clients. We understand that every project we undertake has the potential for a long-lasting partnership and as such we not only seek to establish trust but also to maintain that trust.


For any business, time is money. As such we understand the need for efficiency as well as punctuality. Efficiency is achieved by our company through the employment of the latest printing technology as well as ensuring on-time delivery services.


We adopt a ‘no compromise’ attitude. We seek to be open and honest with our clients as we understand that trust is also built on credibility.


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